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Designed to help anyone make BETTER FASTER decisions in business or life. The HDM App guides users through the 5 step ProConCloud process. Users can share their decision analysis and implementation status with stakeholders and access a community library to learn from each other.
Designed to help management teams achieve the FOCUS and FAST FEEDBACK they need to SUCCEED. The HCM App enables teams to collaboratively design, validate, plan, execute and audit implementation of major changes using the “Strategy & Tactic Tree” methodology as well as Critical Chain and Agile best practices.
Designed to help managers quantify the inherent improvement potential within their organization or supply chain and the likely operational & financial benefits of implementing Theory of Constraints’ best practice planning, execution and continuous improvement rules.
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The ProConCloud method, developed by Dr. Alan Barnard, is an evolution of the Pro-Con List, Evaporating Cloud and Change Matrix decision support methods. It maintains their benefits but overcomes their limitations by guiding users through 5 steps, each step designed to prevent a common decision mistake to help users discover and overcome self-limiting beliefs and other decision biases. GRL offers clients in-house training courses on how to use the ProConCloud method to resolve any wicked problem at work or home.
The Strategy & Tactic (S&T) Tree method, developed by Dr. Eli Goldratt, is a major breakthrough in how to collaboratively design, validate assumptions and achieve implementation synchronization of any organizational change. Without a common sheet of music, even the best conductor with the best musicians and musical instruments, will make loud noise – not music. An S&T tree can provide organizations with such a common sheet of music to achieve the FOCUS and FAST FEEDBACK needed to succeed.
Managers today, face what is known as increased levels of VUCCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Constraints and Ambiguity). In such environments, static decision support tools and models are often totally inadequate to accurately predict the likely impact of internal & external changes on the organization as a whole. The reason is that interdependencies are often non-linear. Small changes can have big impacts and vice versa. That is a problem solvable with the dynamic simulations GRL develops for its clients.
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GRL works with customers from both the private and public sector typically through joint-research partnerships to design, validate, plan, execute and operationalize solutions that help their customers overcome constraints to achieve more with less, in less time. GRL’s customers include some of the world’s largest organizations within manufacturing, distribution, mining, high-tech and publishing, as well as government agencies and NGOs.

Organizations with whom Goldratt Research Labs have collaborated in the past to challenge industry paradigms and achieve step-change improvements in performance include…

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