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  What We Do  
We help Organizations and Individuals
Make Better and Faster Decisions
  How We Do It  
We develop advanced Decision Support Technologies and Innovations based on the Theory of Constraints to enable our clients to
Find and Overcome Constraints to Growth
  Why We Do It  
We are passionate about helping Organizations and Individuals
  Our Focus  
The objective of science is to substitute visible complexity with invisible simplicity
It’s our job to make it visible.

Designed to help anyone make BETTER FASTER decisions in business or life.
Designed to help management teams achieve the FOCUS and FAST FEEDBACK they need to SUCCEED.
Designed to help managers quantify the impact of any change on their organization.
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“Good people make and often repeat bad decisions
for very good reasons”

​– Dr. Alan Barnard
An evolutionary method guiding users through 5 steps designed
to discover and overcome self-limiting beliefs and other decision biases.
A breakthrough in how to collaboratively design, validate assumptions, plan, execute and audit the synchronized implementation of organizational change.
A technology to analyze Complex Adaptive Systems with high level of VUCCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Constraints & Ambiguity).
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There is no such thing as ‘Best’ … only
‘Better’… so rather than aiming to develop
a ‘Best Practice… just develop a “Better

​– Dr. Alan Barnard

GRL works with customers from both the private and public sector typically through joint-research partnerships to design, validate, plan, execute and operationalize solutions that help their customers overcome constraints to achieve more with less, in less time.

GRL’s customers include some of the world’s largest organizations within manufacturing, distribution, mining, high-tech and publishing, as well as government agencies and NGOs.

Organizations with whom Goldratt Research Labs have collaborated in the past to challenge industry paradigms and achieve step-change improvements in performance include…

Featured Research Projects

How GRL helped Microsoft design and validate an
end-to-end Supply Chain solution with TOC best practice rules.

Testimonial by Microsoft’s CTO of Global Supply Chain on results achieved

How GRL uses the latest advancements in TOC, AI and Simulation to transform companies.

How GRL helped BHP optimize the design of a new Potash Mining Supply Chain.
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In the early 1980’s, an Israeli physicist, Dr. Eli Goldratt, started applying the mindsets and methods of the hard sciences to the “soft” science of analyzing, improving and managing organizations. Scientist searches for inherent simplicity – simple mechanisms or governing laws that explains complex phenomena. Goldratt realized there was also “inherent simplicity” within complex organizations. In the same way that the weakest link in a chain limits the strength of the whole chain, the performance of any organization is limited by its “system constraint” or bottleneck. He called his discovery and the related body of knowledge “Theory of Constraints” or TOC.
The 5 Focusing Steps
of Theory of Constraints

Creator of Theory of Constraints – Dr. Eli Goldratt
Dr. Eli Goldratt, the creator of Theory of Constraints, together with a group of TOC practitioners, have created a vast body of knowledge of how to apply the five focusing steps to different types of organizations and to different parts of the organization (operations, finance, supply chain, projects, sales, marketing and managing people).