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TOC Implementation Golden Nuggets fromDr Eli Goldratt and Efrat Tal

  1. How to deal with Stock Buffer Increase orders in MTA
  2. When to ignore exceptions in Setting Inventory Target Levels in MTA
  3. Immunizing Distributor from Competitors reducing prices in MTA
  4. Setting Inventory Targets in MTA
  5. Preparing for Rapid Response in RRR
  6. Prioritization of MTO using Buffer Status & Due Date
  7. Process vs Transfer Batch
  8. What does % red mean in Managing Buffers?
  9. Color psychology
  10. MTA+MTO Mixed environment
  11. Light blue 1 a way to exploit the protective capacity
  12. Using Light blue in BM to exploit excess capacity
  13. Reaching the plateau

Case Studies

ABB Case Study
Achieving Fast And Reliable Deliveries With A Robust TOC Solution Simple Enough To Be Supported By Standard ERP Systems – by Dr. Alan Barnard, Dr. Katja Rajaniemi and Fredrik Nordstrom

Daiwa House Case Studies

InWent Case Study
Using a simplified version of Theory of Constraints to achieve more with less time within the Public Sector: A Case Study from Africa – by Dr. Alan Barnard

Random House Case Study
Selling more books by reducing shortages and surpluses – by Dr. Alan Barnard

Tata Steel Case Study
Applying Theory of Constraints to achieve Viable Vision for Tata Steel – by Bimlendra Jha

Dr. Alan Barnard PhD Thesis

How to identify and unlock inherent potential within organizational and individuals using a systems approach

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“The Checklist Manifesto – How to get things right” – by Dr.Atul Gawande

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